Mediation Services



Attorney Lavender will implement a complete program for divorce mediation in Cape Cod, MA which incorporates essential practical financial planning and legal information regarding property division, tax, debt matters and child custody and support—enabling the couple to make informed, self-determined decisions within a comfortable and emotionally supportive environment.*

Services include:

  • Mediated informational and legal decision making sessions
  • Guidance on necessary information gathering
  • Referring to additional support services, such as mental health counseling, vocational training, financial counseling, appraisers, college financial aid, etc.
  • Preparation of all legal and non-legal documents
  • Court Hearing Preparation
  • Obtaining divorce on “uncontested no fault” grounds

Divorce Mediation Fees

The fees for mediation are substantially less expensive than those of a two-lawyer divorce. The actual fee charged will depend upon the number of variables: the complexity of the issues, the ability of the Parties to negotiate without defensiveness or other negativity, and the legal documents necessary to complete the divorce. Atty. Lavender frequently completes the entire divorce for less than the cost of one retainer for one attorney, and this cost is then divided between two people.

Many potential clients, legitimately, request fee estimates on the telephone. Please understand that my unwillingness to do that is a function of experience, not evasiveness. Imagine a couple calling in who has thirty years of marriage, adult children in college and ten million dollars of assets, including commercial and rental properties. Imagine another couple, married for under five years, no children, with a mortgaged house and credit cards.

 In both cases the fees are a fraction of the alternative, both having dispensed with temporary orders, discovery (interrogatories, depositions, the compelled production of financial documents), pretrial hearings, four-way intimidation-based conferences, and ultimately a trial –all multiplied times two attorneys!

My point is that, on our first introductory meeting, your specific fees, always comparatively reasonable, will be accurately estimated after your case has been properly evaluated and the scope of services is known.



* Attorney Lavender does not represent either or both Parties. Each Party is encouraged to have their legal agreements reviewed by independent counsel. * All Legal Rights Preserved